MKPS Summer Split - Format & Dates!


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Jul 2, 2018
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MKPS Summer Split - Format & Dates

Hey y’all! In the past few days, we’ve witnessed the rebirth of MKWC with their NA vs. EU exhibition match, followed by the BrookLAN FFA tourney. Soon, however, we’ll be continuing with MKPS again with the Summer Split. We wanted to make a thread informing you guys on the format that we’ll be using for the tournament, along with dates for matches. As a side note, we’d like to let you guys know that we’ve updated the ruleset (incl. troll/bagging rules) and made it easier to read, feel free to take a look here.
Division Stage

Teams will first be placed into divisions of x-teams each (probably 6, but this is subject to change), based on their collected Circuit Points (CP, view them here) across the Spring Split and all the Weekend Tournaments. In this example, it would mean that the 6 highest CP teams would be placed in Division 1 (D1), the next 6 teams below them in D2, and so on. New teams that have rather less CP, or teams that reset their CP, will still be seeded solely on their CP.

Each division will play a single round-robin (lasting a total of 5 weeks in the example with 6-team divisions) with a match every weekend, just like Spring Split. Home/away team will be randomised, but unlike Spring Split, alternating positions will be forced in this stage of the tournament as well.

Bracket Stage

We’ve decided to ditch the original idea of the Gauntlet that was proposed early on in the announcement thread for MKPS, and replaced it with an all-inclusive version.

Essentially, the higher the division your team was placed in within the Division Stage, the further you start in the bracket and so the more CP you gain ultimately. Here’s the catch, however: in the first round that your division starts in, the highest seed from the Division Stage would be able to pick their opponents from all the teams who won the previous round, then the second-highest seed would pick, and so on.

For instance, imagine the following scenario, using standings from WL’s 12th season:

Division 1 Standings
  1. £thereal
  2. Vitality
  3. La Valse
  4. hurusato
  5. Vellichor
  6. Shadows of Destruction
Division 2 Standings
  1. Relapse 2
  2. Coastline
  3. Flow
  4. Charged Brigade
  5. Vitality 2
  6. Avail
Using these standings, and assuming 7 divisions had played, Round 5 would start off with the #1 D2 team, Relapse 2, picking their opponents from the earlier round who had advanced to the current round. Then the #2 D2 team Coastline would pick their opponent, and so on.

Now, assuming all the D2 teams win their matchups in Round 5, Round 6 would start off with the #1 D1 team, £thereal, picking their opponents from the earlier round who had advanced to the current round: they could for instance choose to play Avail, who finished last in D2, or pick Flow as their opponents due to a good track-record against them. Then the #2 D1 team Vitality would pick their opponent, and so on.

Matches from Round 5 (D2 teams’ initial placement in the bracket) and onwards will be a BO3 (Best-of-3 games) format, with all rounds prior to that being a BO1 (Best-of-1 games) format.

Examples of how the bracket would look like can be found below, for 7 divisions. The top remaining seed in the Quarter-finals (QF’s) picks their opponent first, winner advancing straight to the Grand-finals (GF’s) skipping the Semi-Finals (SF’s). After the highest seed picks their opponent, the #2 seed picks their opponent from the remaining 2 teams, followed by the #3 seed of the round playing the left-over team from the previous round.

Do note that the structuring for the lower divisions, specifically D6 and D7, is yet to be decided, and may change depending on the number of participating teams.

  • Division Stage M1 (BO1): Week(end) of July 25th [25/07]
  • Division Stage M2 (BO1): Week(end) of August 1st [01/08]
  • Division Stage M3 (BO1): Week(end) of August 8th [08/08]
  • Division Stage M4 (BO1): Week(end) of August 15th [15/08]
  • Division Stage M5 (BO1): Week(end) of August 22nd [22/08]

  • Bracket Stage R1, R2, R3 (BO1): Week(end) of August 29th [29/08]
  • Bracket Stage R4 (BO1) & R5 (BO3): Week(end) of September 5th [05/09]
  • Bracket Stage R6 (BO3): Week(end) of September 12th [05/09]
  • Bracket Stage QF’s (BO3): Week(end) of September 19th [19/09]
  • Bracket Stage SF’s (BO3): Week(end) of September 26th [26/09]
  • Bracket Stage GF (BO3): Week(end) of October 3rd [03/10]

The winner of the entire Summer Split receives automatic qualification for the MKPS Final Bracket (with the prize pool), as was the case in Spring Split as well. In total, 8 teams will be invited for this bracket. This means that:
  • If a team wins both the Spring and Summer Splits, then they and the 7 other highest-ranking teams in CP will be invited.
  • If 2 different teams win the Spring and Summer Splits, then they and 6 other highest-ranking teams in CP will be invited.
CP allocation will be communicated closer to the start of the tournament once the total number of teams, divisions, etc. are confirmed.
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