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MKW 2021 Wishlist


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Jun 24, 2018
Hey guys!
In this thread, I'm gonna list off some things I hope will happen in 2021. I'll cover everything from CTGP features to MKBoards organization, with some competitive proposals in between.

Before we get into the post - please fill out this quick Google Form that asks about the same topics I'm talking about here. It only takes 10-15 minutes and you can choose which questions to answer. I read every response I get, so leave some feedback please!

Here's my MKW 2021 Wishlist:

  • A proper anti-cheat
  • Better netcode (fixing things like extreme teleportation)
  • Joining friend rooms in progress (you could turn this off in settings)
  • Spectator mode
  • Custom item probabilities
  • Online TT mode to replace Countdown
  • Battle Glitch setting
  • Extended flags
Reasoning: All of these would greatly enhance the competitive experience, as they are extremely practical. Some of these are ready to be implemented today, others still need lots of work, but overall I think this vision of my ideal CTGP captures what most people want out of it.
1. Create a main page for MKBoards (separate from the forums) which will serve to present the game & community in a very casual, accessible way.
The latest tournaments, media and community news should be displayed here in a more simplified way with emphasis on visual presentation.
Examples: Nintendo, Riot, Blizzard

Reasoning: Currently the site isn't being used for much other than reporting match results and shitposting. It's a shame, because there is so much good content we could highlight to outsiders or newcomers to the game.
If the goal is to expand or at least improve the community, presenting it in a professional light should be a priority.

2. Host more casual community events, such as Custom Track Competitions or MKPS fantasy leagues.

The site desperately needs activity and this is one great way to do it. The general modding community is quite detached from MKBoards and this could help bridge the gap between the 2 communities while adding value to the game.

Personally I have high hopes for a CT competition - especially one where pro players would actively collaborate with creators on the design of the track. I'm not sure if that's ever happened before but it would definitely be awesome for everyone!

3. Finish that archive of the old MKBoards that was planned a long time ago but never finished.
1. Unify all the leagues under one main organization (MKPS), and make a Tournament Calendar (either on MKBoards or using Google Calendar) to plan out and highlight all the upcoming tournaments & leagues.
1.1. In offseason, in place of "Weekend Tournament", different names should be used to identify certain types of tournaments. For example, "MKPS Astra" would be a TNS tournament, "MKPS Saturn" would be a BO7 races tournament, etc.

Reasoning: 2 things:
1. MKPS doesn't support CTs (I think it should)
2. I personally don't like the concept of having multiple leagues scattered all over the place.
Just put every important league under MKPS and recruit more TOs to manage it. The more underplayed leagues would do better as weekend tournaments anyways.

2. Organize more solo competition - potentially create a reduced, designated tournament circuit while MKPS is in offseason. Create a separate ranking system similar to MKWPI to serve as the primary method for ranking individual players.

Reasoning: I think having frequent FFA tournaments that would accumulate into a ranking would definitely give top players something to play for. Plus, it's free real estate for viewership on the MKBoards Twitch channel.

Aside from that, it would be awesome to finally have an objective player ranking. That way, we would know who's really #1 by tracking results, not just opinions.
Some players proclaim themselves to be the best without any real argument to make their case, while other players get left out of the conversation entirely. I think a FFA tournament circuit would really just streamline the competition.

3. Test out the queue system proposed by Joeblase in Lounge. I'm not sure how logistically possible it is due to lack of developer availability, but this would be such an impactful change. On top of making queuing more comfortable, it could also populate alternate tiers more often. Obviously there's potential drawbacks too, but it should still be explored and tested if possible.

4. Test out duo queue in Lounge.
2v2 is already the most popular competitive format in Lounge, and I think it has great untapped potential. Duo queue could potentially help players gain more MMR and get practice for future tournaments.

Here's how it would work:
4.1. Players are allowed to team up together once per month. After the team is made, they can queue for mogis together (2v2 only). They can only make new teams at the start of a new month. This is to encourage team building and prevent any potential MMR exploitation.

4.2. Players are only allowed to team if they're within 2 ranks of each other. For example: a Silver player may not team with a Diamond player, but a Diamond player may team with a Master, Platinum or Gold 2 player.
To avoid potential stacking, Master players are not allowed to team together.

4.3. Once a team is made, they may only play mogis in their mutual tiers.
For example: if a Silver player teams with a Gold 1 player, they may only play Tier 3 as it is the only tier they can both access. This is to prevent smurfing/farming.

4.4. MMR would be awarded on an individual basis (meaning there is no "team" MMR), but due to the advantageous nature of teaming, any MMR gain will be slightly reduced (0.85x multiplier). However, MMR loss stays the same.
For example: If you gain 110 MMR for 1st, you will only gain 94 MMR. If you lose 110 MMR for 6th, you will lose the full 110 MMR.

Reasoning: I wanted to create a system that had as few restrictions as possible while still being fair. I also wanted this system to be neutral, meaning it would work the same in every tier.
There are still flaws with my proposed system, but I hope it's enough to start a conversation about it!

5. If possible, organize another LAN event. I don't have much to say about this one. I think the Exalt team has done a great job with their 2019 event and getting another one of those would be perfect for me.
Media this year has been top notch and I don't wanna take anything away from the guys who made this year so good in that regard.
But here are some of my ideas on how to make it even better:
1. More frequent player interviews (preferably audio/video), potentially a longer podcast hosted by casters (streamed live on Twitch) that would have players as guests talking more in-depth about all kinds of topics.

2. More division/bracket stage reports.
Just one brief report every 1-2 weeks would be nice - even if it mostly focuses on Twitch highlights from the matches.
Reasoning: Nearly every other esports/gaming community does this. I know this one isn't in very high demand, but it wouldn't hurt to try and it would give Media staff something to do :p

3. More use of social media, namely Twitter to increase online presence and interaction. I think specifically appointing social media-savvy "account managers" would help with that immensely.
Reasoning: The MKBoards Twitter account is kind of dead - it posts infrequently and its Tweets from the last few months are quite messy. Social media is the #1 way to grow your platform right now and we should invest more into it if we want to grow.

4. If we established the FFA tournament circuit I proposed earlier, Power Ranking writeups would be awesome. Kasper already does this with MKWPI to an extent, but right now it's very underutilized compared to larger gaming communities.
Last Words
Top priority: Restructure the way MKBoards Staff operates and set some tangible goals for the site, game and community.

Reasoning: Come on, we all knew this was gonna on here. I'm gonna keep it brief, but in my opinion: MKBoards staff has done a poor job of doing much more than keeping the site afloat this year, and it really sucks.

In a community where most people would rather slowly watch the site die and only contribute passive-aggressive remarks on the forums, I do believe that we don't want the site to actually die. But MKB staff has pretty much been doing nothing at all. I can't name a single thing MKB staff did that I thought stood out this year.

But it's never too late to turn it around. There are always people who want the best for the game and community. If we all take initiative together, we can do anything.

We can output high volumes of quality media all year round.
We can grow the numbers on the MKB Twitch and put competitive Mario Kart on the map.
We can offer cash prizes for our most important tournaments.
We can make this game into something more. It just takes effort.


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Jun 25, 2018
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This thread needs a lot more attention. I'll edit in my wishlist later.


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Jun 28, 2018
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Good luck convincing bean to do that nuch for a community he isnt involved in at all lol

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Jul 23, 2018
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I wouldn't mind seeing extended flags into CTGP. Then we can properly see where all of these players are!