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Moderator Additions and the Future!


Jun 24, 2018
Hello all!

For the past few weeks, we have had applications open for MarioKartBoards moderator. First, we want to thank everyone who had applied for the position and appreciate everyone who did apply. After much consideration, and much talk, we have decided on three new moderators effective immediately:


We have had our usual process and believe these three are best suited of the position. We have high hopes for them and we hope you will give them a warm welcome to the staff team and their best wishes! Please congratulate them!!

Furthermore, with these new staff changes of the recent administrators and moderators, we have many projects in the work and want to keep asking for your blessing and never-ending support! But, if you have any features you'd like to see on the site, don't hesitate to note them down in the thread!

Thank you for everything, and of course, thank you for reading.
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Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
U★, HD☆
First of all, congrats to all three new moderators! All of them were the most deserving of the position, so good picks on the staff's part.

Second, suggestions/features for the site:
- This should go without saying, but once MKPS has taken off, incorporate team-based competitions that don't require participation in MKPS
- Finish the on-site registry
- Create a tourney.comeze clone that requires MKB credentials
- Use MK7's clan section layout for MKW
- Recycle tags for dead clans that have not or never will participate in leagues
- Require a certain amount of longevity/activity before accepting a clan thread on the forum (reduces clutter)
- Return the "Currently active users viewing this thread" add-on at some point
- Add the redist cache add-on to prevent site crashes with the aforementioned add-on
- Add the Add-onFlare XF2 Awards System add-on, use generalized awards
- Find a way to rank post count with images like MKW.com did
- Make separate postbit fields, for RT clan and CT clan (if someone is in the same clan for both, they can just use the same tag in both)
- Contribute most of any theoretically possible excess donation revenue to MKPS's prize pool

Will edit my post if I think of more. If you want me to elaborate on any of these, I urge the staff to contact me on Discord (~Maidvelia🎔~#0697).
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