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MKW Radi (aka Radion, Doc)

Aug 11, 2019
ñ‒ñ, mü
got bored, so rewriting this:

history with the game:
- owned a Wii and MKW since apr 2013
- played MKW on and off since then
- set up Wiimmfi in apr 2018
- discovered the community in sep 2017
- joined the community in jul 2019
- since then, played casually and sometimes competitively

status in the game:
- teams I've been in:
-- Cy (jul 2019-aug 2020 (mostly as a social))
-- nst (aug 2019 - nov 2020 (first team I owned, very unsuccessful))
-- mü (aug 2019 - present (the joke team ill never leave))
-- Ast (jan 2020 - aug 2020 (former leader, played mkps with it))
-- βR (feb 2021 - apr 2020 (main team, until no call wasn't acceptable))
-- ñ-ñ (unknown time (current possible new team))
-- probably 30 more teams I've been less significant in (probably)
-- currently also in MORe, ODX, FB, and other dead teams
- no-call player (the reason no team wants me)
- decent maybe (tho mostly bad)
- wii wheel main till nov 2020 (finally got a nunchuck)
- nothing noteworthy in leagues (mostly last place with teams I play in)

friends I've met:
- EloImBaz**, Brannon, SpyKid (summer 2019 was awesome with you all)
- Clyde, Deano**, Dan, PXL* (the mods of Cy and my introduction to competitive MKW)
- ColinUS, aka Snowstorm (thanks again for promoting me in nst)
- Ballin, JoshNFLD, OOFMKW* (notable nst members, my personal favourites)
- Goldi* (early Ast was one of the most fun experiences in competitive I've ever had)
- PaddyWhack, Milkski, Ben, Murray (may mü be an active clan)
- Oliver*, WeyRtaX, Style (those from close locations)
- Kai, Magic, Fear (became friends with you all in βR, great team)
- Dorian, Vairrin*, Charlie (the vairrin cult and the stuff before that)
- Shim*, Kassandra Marco, Kazuro, Ian47vr (couldn't find mutual categories for you all, but, you're all awesome)
- Clique***, Tango***, Stunky**, ImANoob** (best friends I had in the community, love you all <3)
- for those who I haven't mentioned, sorry, either couldn't remember you or haven't had a significant friendship with you all

about me (as of writing this):
- age: 16 (birthday nov 1st)
- gender: male
- location: Croatia
- nationality: Kosovo
- languages: Croatian, English, German (learning)
- hobbies:
-- listening to music (most types of electronic music* (favourite is trance and electro))
-- playing video games (favourite genre: racing, platformers, rhythm games* (bad at it tho))
-- online communities (mario kart wii community* (kinda obvious) furry fandom, countryballs* (left it))

additional links:
- youtube channel (dead): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrsdRki3yQHaNPhbODJ8ug
- current favourite song: https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson%2Fshepherdess-she2016
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Aug 11, 2019
ñ‒ñ, mü
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Update 1.1
updated teams and friends list, additional links added, other minor updates