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RM - Rεαηιmατιση

Aug 27, 2018



:flagHN:Nø Name




Yes, we are currently [Rεȼrυιτιηg]
Skill level doesn't necessarily matter that much as long as you're [λȼτινε]
You will get one War Trial
We are also a [Sυb Cłαη] playing [Rεgυłαr Trαȼκs] only

≪We are a [Discord] based clan≫

Big K Kevin#7650

Just copy and paste my name is you can't bother to type it yourself (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

War Record - 11-0-7
2 Vs. 2 Record - 3-0-0

Win Vs. Sη - 389-319
Loss Vs. ωχ - 227 - 305
Loss Vs. MV - [No Table]
Win Vs. VB - [No Table]
Win Vs. [WEC] -『War Cancel』
Win Vs. [H] - 391 - 342
Loss Vs. MiS - 351 - 381
Loss Vs. Team Dot - 255 - 259
Win Vs. Sη -『War Cancel』
Loss Vs. GAMT - [No Table]
Loss Vs. Mw - [No Table]
Win Vs. βω - [No Table]
Loss Vs. Hr - 251 - 310
Loss Vs. LA - 184 - 374
Loss Vs. [ωΖ] - [No Table]
Win Vs. JJ - [No Table]
Win Vs. RD - 387 - 337
Win Vs. RS - [No Table]

Win Vs. λχΞ αηd RS 2-0-0
Win Vs. T7 - 188 - 160
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