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Scamp's Ban Appeal


New member
Aug 12, 2018
MKPS Staff and Council,

I am writing to you today to in hopes of removing Scamp from the MKPS ban list. In early 2018 Scamp was caught using a gecko code to freeze private rooms. The code would essentially force rooms to be reopened due to players needing to restart their Wiis. The situation resulted in Scamp being placed on the ban list and the incident ends there. Though a rumor has surfaced that claims that Scamp was at the center of DDoSing players during this time, however this claim is false. There is absolutely no proof of this claim and such accusations should be proceeded with caution especially with the severity and illegality of DDoS. I believe this may be part of the reason that Scamp is still on the current ban list, and I encourage MKPS Staff to review Scamp’s case again.

Even if MKPS has kept Scamp on the ban list outside of DDoS allegations, his ban should have been removed in the most recent ban list update back in February 2021. Wally made a post on the MKPS discord on February 8th, 2021 that explained that players banned due to cheating would be unbanned at the start of the next season (reference the screenshot below). Scamp’s incident falls directly under the “cheating” category mentioned in this post, yet the decision to unban him with the rest of the banned players was not made. Furthermore, Scamp has remained on the ban list for over 3 year and not only is Scamp’s incident less severe than actual cheating, but this method of cheating is no longer possible with the current updates in CTGP.

Lastly, I would like to bring up that Scamp has been recently unbanned from MarioKartBoards.com. MKB has made this decision due to the lack of evidence of Scamp’s DDoS allegations and have concluded that enough time has passed since his initial ban. Scamp has also stayed a dedicated member of the community despite his ban 3 years ago and has had no hacking accusations or incidents since. I request that MKPS follows in MKB’s footsteps and proceeds with the unban of Scamp due its low-severity, false allegations, passage of time, and falling under MKPS’ unban clause.

Thank you,



CTL Staff
RL Staff
CL Staff
Registry Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Let’s go Scamp!