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Season 15 - Preliminary Seedings

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Jun 25, 2018
! Important to note; before we get started, we would like to stress the following messages that were announced in the WL Server: !

For logo request, please refer to this here in order for GFX Artists to work on them.

Please keep this in mind as you continue reading.

With that out of the way, the WL Staff has decided to have Preliminary Seedings return to an extent for this upcoming Season.
Although many participants are probably aware of how Preliminary Seedings work, the WL Staff will be giving a quick run-down of things:

- Preliminary Seedings are not the Final Seedings, however, they can become the Final Seedings right away assuming no changes happen
- During this period of Preliminary Seedings, you may bring up points/ideas for us to consider:
This includes matters such as why you believe your own team has been seeded wrongly (either too high or too low possibly) or why other teams may have gotten similar treatment by us.
Regardless of what is that you do make sure that you actually bring up valid cases as opposed to just complaining and offering no solution at all; it will not help anyone at this stage.

The deadline for Preliminary Seedings is 20th January 2019, 11:59PM EST.

Division Admins for each division will most likely be assigned once the Final Seedings will be published so do not be surprised if you happen to see the Preliminary Seedings below and wonder where the Division Admins are at.

With all this out of the way, we present, to you, the Preliminary Seedings of the 15th Season of Wiimmfi League:

Regular Tracks

Division 1: Blue Shell
Clan Volo
Long Shlongs
Maximum Likelihood
Metro Wipeout
Team GUN

Division 2: Bob Omb
Euphoria 1
Explorers of Time 1
Final Stand
George, Arvo, Mark, Toad 1
Oracle Zodiac
Team MV 1

Division 3: Green Shell
Ecstasy (EU2)
Explorers of Darkness (EXO2)
In$ane (I$1)
Resurrection 1
Team APE
Team MV 2

Division 4: POW Block
Apocalypse 2
Battle Cry Eclipse
Succeed or Perish
Team Young

Division 5: Fake Item Box
Blue Thunder
Cloud 9
In$ahne (I$2)
Resurrection 2
Turtle 7eam

Not seeded:
Golden Haze (insufficient amount of players)


Custom Tracks

Division 1: Star
Battle Cry
Craptor Crew
Elite Gamers
Maximum Likelihood
ZJ's Gambling Hub

Division 2: Mega Mushroom
LoRD*[email protected]*_~IMBAZ
Mark-Pat Joe-Bill Dinosaur
Pascal's Gifted Bois
Top Cocks (ZJ2)

Division 3: Mushroom
Blue Thunder
Clutch Mandems
Special k`s

Not seeded:


Also: Cloud 9 was officially approved by the WL Council in order for us to have an even amount of 36 Teams again in case participants may be surprised to see them on here at the moment.
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WL Staff
Jun 28, 2018
Succeed or Perish
why is 1373 d1, one player shouldn't carry a team up to top div, especially as I ave only played d2 or below, and every other 1373 player has either never played ctwl or played in bottom div (mostly for tr)

I think a team such as craptor crew (which has a bunch of players who played in d1 last season) should be considered for this position, and not 1373 with 1 d1 player.

An lu of Epix Raptor Daseia Sawyer Daragh sounds stronger than an lu of Zach Emil Mel Online and Killua.
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Jun 25, 2018
EXO2 and APE should swap imo; an ideal of LU of ethan josh(UK) miki matt and arti would be a tad too strong in d4, and APE are seeded a bit too high - just my 2 cents
what the heck i suck bro i’ve never played above d5


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Sep 15, 2018

Hello, the CSL Council has decided to suspect test Veil and Riku when used in tandem.

Veil’s newfound access to running has given him a new niche from an upper tier bagger/troller to a dangerous 2 way player. Unlike other baggers, Veil's coverage is near flawless, able to avoid would be counters with Singaporean ping abuse. Furthermore, his natural lines and unique location make it difficult to revenge kill after a backspam and allows him to break away on a diverse amount of tracks, while shrugging off attacks from the Star or Bullet users capable of outspeeding and trolling him. Due to the countermeasures towards Veil narrowing down to specific defensive checks, many of which cannot stand up to his ubiquitous partner Riku, this has made Veil an arguably restricting threat to prepare for and an unpredictable threat to deal with, warranting a suspect.
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