Season 4 Launch Notes


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Aug 11, 2018
Season 4 of lounge has begun, below are all of the new changes season 4 is bringing.

Lounge Expansion

One of the long term concerns for the health of the game is how difficult it can be for a new player installing Wimmfi to find a place to play based on the modes they are interested in and with players around their skill level. For a long time after Wimmfi’s release, the multiplayer community has been fragmented into many different clusters, whether it be for funmodes like item rain, knockout and 200cc, servers dedicated to large creators, or those dedicated to specific modes like battles or karts. Lounge was just another one of these clusters, a competitive niche that only competitive players participated in.

This season, we will be launching a new expansion to lounge. Our goal with it is to create a go-to place for all multiplayer aspects of the game to hopefully break this fragmentation and ease entrance into the MKW community for any future new players.

NEW: Casual Section

This season, we’re introducing the casual section; a new section of the lounge allowing players to organize pick-up groups and funrooms for various modes. Overseen by Maidvelia, this section will be open to ALL players without the need for fc-registration or any other form of verification. The section will be releasing with the following chats:
  • Normal pugs
    • Split into beginner (<6500vr), intermediate (6500-8000vr), and expert (>8000vr)
    • Custom tracks and regular tracks
  • Karts only
    • Split into custom and regular tracks
  • Funmodes
    • 200cc
    • Item rain
    • Countdown
    • Knockout
    • Balloon battle
    • 24 player
  • Worldwides
Our goal with this section is for it to be ever-changing. Modes will be rotated in and out of this section regularly based on popularity. Staff will also be running special limited time themed events throughout the season to keep things fresh and fun.

Our first season with this section will be a test run as we figure out how best to keep things both fun and active. We are open to any and all suggestions to help improve it as time goes on.

NEW: Unranked Mogis

We are also releasing a new section that allows players to play unranked matches under the normal competitive ruleset with the same queueing system as competitive. These matches will not have any MMR restrictions. All of the competitive rules and penalties will apply with some exceptions:
  • FC registration is required to play
  • Strike system is still in place with some changes:
    • Vehicle restrictions lifted
    • Dropping/subbing-out of an event will only grant a strike if a sub cannot be found (after race 1 starts)
    • CTGP only host settings are not required
    • Late/no table not penalized
    • Time limit for joining the room increased to 12 minutes (10min for FFA)
    • Leniency for tag penalties (same starting letter = no penalty)
  • All other instances that grant strikes still apply. Repicks in team events that would grant MMR penalties are instead replaced with point penalties.
Results from these events will be posted in a summary section similar to ranked events. The strike systems for ranked and unranked will be separated and will follow the same format. You can view your current strike limit and strike count here:

MMR Reset & Ranked Adjustments

MMR has been soft reset similar to season 3’s reset. All players have had their current MMR adjusted closer to the median MMR of all players. The further you were from the median, the more you’ve gained/lost from this reset. Additionally, to correct inflation, a small flat amount has been granted to everyone.

All penalties and strikes from all players have been cleared, however mutes and chat restrictions have not been lifted. Season 5 is scheduled for May 29, 2020.

For season 3 and all future seasons, the master role will be granted to players based on their peak MMR instead of their current MMR. Due to this change, we will also be disabling MMR decay for master players for the time being. If need be, it may be reintroduced in the future.

Rule Changes

Below is a list of rule changes introduced as part of the season 4 update. You can also view them in #rt-rules/#ct-rules. Items in bold are new:

XIII. Nickname Changes
  1. A user may only change their Lounge nickname once per season with a 60 day limit between 2 consecutive changes. Each user may only change their nickname twice in total and may only revert to a previous nickname once.
  2. Nicknames must be alphanumeric with a 15 character limit.
  3. A nickname request may be denied upon staff reviewal.
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Aug 1, 2018
Each user may only change their nickname twice in total and may only revert to a previous nickname once.
How much would I need to pay to have this not apply to me.