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Season 5 Launch Notes


New member
MKPS Staff
Lounge Staff
Aug 11, 2018
Season 5 of lounge has begun, below are all of the new changes season 5 is bringing.

Division and Tier Changes

In season 3, we performed an MMR shift on all players to correct the issue of too many players reaching 0 MMR and causing imbalanced gains/losses in tier 1. Unfortunately, this shift was not strong enough and we’re still seeing too many players hit 0 who would otherwise be much lower than 0. This is continuing to cause +/- issues, and while we understand that this is a disruptive change, we feel it is necessary to do one more MMR shift.

This season, we’ll be performing another shift of +1000 MMR on all players to push the bell curve forward just enough to get more players off of 0. The goal is not to entirely remove all players on 0, but to make sure more players are given an accurate rating so gains and losses can be less skewed.

Additionally, we’re expanding the number of divisions to 7, adding Iron below Bronze. With only 6 divisions, we had a lot of difficulty splitting players properly into matchmaking tiers, requiring us to temporarily split Silver and Gold into two parts. Now with season 5, we can properly clean up the divisions and give them some proper cutoffs. The new cutoffs are:

Iron: 0-1499 MMR (Placement: 750)
Bronze: 1500-3249 MMR (Placement: 2000)
Silver: 3250-4999 MMR (Placement: 3750)
Gold: 5000-6999 MMR (Placement: 6000)
Platinum: 7000-8999 MMR (Placement: 8000)
Diamond: 9000-10999 MMR
Master: 11000+ MMR

(Note: that these new cutoffs take into account the +1000 MMR shift. Gold, Plat, Diamond, and Master cutoffs have not changed)

For matchmaking purposes, silver will be split into two for CTs, and gold will be split into two for RTs as follows:

CTs: Silver I: 3250-3999, Silver II: 4000-4999
RTs: Gold I: 5000-5999, Gold II: 6000-6999

With this comes some tier adjustments:

Regular Tracks

Tier 1: Iron+Bronze
Tier 2: Bronze+Silver
Tier 3: Silver+Gold I
Tier 4: Gold II+Platinum+Diamond*
Tier 5: Platinum+Diamond+Master
Tier 6: Diamond+Master

*First month of season

Custom Tracks

Tier 1: Iron+Bronze+Silver I
Tier 2: Silver I+Silver II
Tier 3: Silver II+Gold+Platinum+Diamond+Master
Tier 4: Gold+Platinum+Diamond+Master

MMR Reset

MMR has been soft reset for season 5. All players have had their current MMR adjusted closer to the median MMR of all players. The further you were from the median, the more you’ve gained/lost from this reset. Additionally, to correct inflation, a small flat amount has been granted to everyone.

We’ve heard the complaints from resets of previous seasons being too strong, causing too many lower rated players getting pulled very far from their original rank, so this season we’re being a bit softer with it. Master and Diamond players can expect to be starting much higher than previous seasons.

All penalties and strikes from all players have been cleared, however mutes and chat restrictions have not been lifted. Season 6 is scheduled for December 18, 2020.

CT Tracklist

This season, we will be rolling out a tracklist for tiers 1 and 2 for custom tracks in an effort to help ease new players into CTs. Our CT population has been stagnant for a very long time, largely due to how daunting and time consuming it is to learn all of the popular CTs, driving away many potential newcomers. We hope that this change will invigorate CTs and help populate the queue.

For season 5, players in tier 1 will be playing on a tracklist of 60 tracks, and tier 2 will be playing on a tracklist of 120 tracks. The list of tracks can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nxdzy5LPrpTmInnqTeQtAFVWCVMSrSO93GcoSyW_V4c/edit?usp=sharing

Players playing in these tiers are highly encouraged to download the custom track layouts below to avoid mispicks:

Tier 1 layout: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/673207035944501248/721477731472375948/cuplayout.cup

Tier 2 layout: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/673207035944501248/721489054679695410/cuplayout.cup

Installation tutorial:

Picking a track outside of the tracklist for the respective tier will result in penalties under the banned track rules.

Adjustments to the Strike System

The introduction of the strike system in season 2 helped greatly to reduce the number of players dropping from matches, however it hasn’t been without its flaws. Players who were able to accumulate a massive strike limit throughout the season were almost completely immune to mutes, and we occasionally saw cases where these players would drop from matches frequently near the end of the season with little consequence.

For this season, the system is being adjusted. Strike limits no longer increase as you play matches, they are now fixed at 4. Instead, every 25 matches you play reduces your strike count by 1. This new system should prevent players from “banking” a large number of strikes and freely using them to drop matches as they please without consequence.
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World Cup Staff
Jun 25, 2018
what you typed is inconsistent with the graphic that follows it
so is silver 2 allowed in t3, or not?


You forget, I always play high stakes
Jun 24, 2018
Prismatic Sunset
was scared of track list, but I actually really like it, thanks for actually using your brains and thinking of what tracks work well for competitive play


Counter Culture
Jul 21, 2018
I$ - In$ane
you wanna get more ct players? for me personally im a reg player and used to play ct mogis pretty often imma say (90 regs mogis 70 ct mogis last season) but a tracklist without some of my fav tracks in low tier is really unattractive.
does the list change atleast every 2 weeks or is it like that entire season? make it change every 2 weeks otherwise i dont think thats an improvement : /


New member
Jul 17, 2019
Looking for one.
Stupid tier shift tbh, I don’t want to play t3 with Silvers at Gold I, the old rt tiers worked pretty well and were active. CT one is pretty good and will be more active. But I remember Starstrike comment « we will not allow Masters to play with Silver » Nice lie.

President Evil

Lounge Staff
Jun 24, 2018
Stupid tier shift tbh, I don’t want to play t3 with Silvers at Gold I, the old rt tiers worked pretty well and were active. CT one is pretty good and will be more active. But I remember Starstrike comment « we will not allow Masters to play with Silver » Nice lie.
The MMR amount required for silver 2 got upped significantly, just because it's the "same" rank doesn't mean it's the same concept as masters playing with silvers from season 4