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worst player ever
Jun 24, 2018
Athens, Greece

Since April 7th, 2017

the fuckin boys

:flagGR: Miles | "pulled triple shrooms in 4th i'm hacking"

:flagUK: Ben | "I'm the daddy, I'm the boss."
:flagDE: Maxwell | "Fly like Latias over the track <3"
:flagLU: Nix | "ah FUCK OFF i got bumped off"
:flagUS: Zach | "I left MV so I wouldn't bag, look where I am now"

:flagUK: British | our friendly GAMT resident
:flagVE: Cloud | The disappearing magician.
:flagNZ: Cole | in-and-out kiwi
:flagUS: Conor | dumbass
:flagUS: Crisis | purple line hacker tbh!!1
:flagUS: Daylon | Ditched Sn for Dλ banner
:flagUS: Diego | "I leave clans I create."
:flagUS: Eevee | king of state capitals
:flagCA: Flare | botch sss nigag
:flagUS: Haseo | indiv lol01o1OLol10OL!
:flagUS: Jack | will join lounge soon
:flagUS: KA | I like boy
:flagUS: Kasper | bismillah brother
:flagGR: m8 | tt master
:flagNL: Luca | Berliner Junge
:flagUS: Mancity | "My bill put me out of bounds."
:flagUS: Mason | "boners in my mouth dude!"
:flagFR: Mau
:flagUS: Noah | dm neak
:flagUS: Ornan

:flagCH: Puya | Andi Lubitz
:flagCA: Rain | "Everyone is here trying to break 100 when I'm trying to break 50"
:flagUS: Sean | "Gimme that draft baby YEAHHHH."
:flagCA: Spart | quebecois monkey!
:flagUS: Spec | VB thaiboy god
:flagUS: Toxic | King of World Capitals
:flagUS: Tyler
:flagBS: Yax | zach's bff
:flagCA: Zesti | yawn
:flagUS: Zynno | "two months ago you didnt know my name"

Good Former Members:
Good lads who helped us turn into
the group of retards we are today.
:flagUS: Act
:flagUS: Blake
:flagUS: Bran
:flagUS: Cozmic
:flagUS: Jed
:flagUS: Phyz

:flagUS: Trap
:flagUS: Vapor
:flagUK: George
:flagUK: KP
:flagUK: Josh

:flagCH: Marvin
:flagGR: Den
:flagMX: Okereke
:flagSCO: Sammeh

Invite only.

Miles [Miles#9999]
Ben [BenBryant#2925]
Nix [Nix#5741]
Zach [zach#7670]

Please take us out of our misery.
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worst player ever
Jun 24, 2018
Athens, Greece
War Record
For a war, you can contact one of the contacts in the post above. We're D7 quality so keep that in mind.
Longest Win Streak: 11
Longest Loss Streak: 7

AL [AL] 1-0-3
Alliance 15 [xv] 0-0-2
Apocalypse [λp] 2-0-3
Ardent [λR] 1-0-0
Avail [Λν] 0-0-1
Battle Alliance [Bλ] 0-0-7
Battle Cry [Bc] 1-0-0
Black Arrows [BΔ] 0-0-1
Bluk's Crew [bc] 0-0-1
Benelux [BNL] 0-0-1
Best World Players [BWP] 5-0-1
Brain [Bn] 1-0-0
Bullet Bill [BB] 0-0-1
Chaos Driving Team [CD7] 0-0-2
Chef Stallion [CS] 1-0-0
Chloe's Bangout [CH] 1-0-1
Cipher [Ci] 2-1-0
Coastline [Co] 0-0-1
Crossfire [XF] 9-0-8
Death's Master [DM] 4-0-0
Debilitate [Dξ] 0-0-1
Deutsche Wehrmacht [DWM] 1-0-1
Devils Angles [Dλ] 3-0-3
Dolphin Dashers [DD] 1-0-0
Equivoke [ok] 0-0-1
Enigma [EN] 4-0-5
Error Code 20102 [EC2] 0-0-1
Euphoria [EU] 0-0-1
Excel [EX] 2-0-0
Excommunication [xn] 0-0-1
Explorers of Time [EXO] 7-0-2
Final Stand [FL] 0-0-1
Forgotten Legends [FGT] 4-0-1
For the Glory [4TG] 1-0-0
Fossa [FSA] 0-0-1
France [FR] 0-0-1
Gaming Elite Team [G37] 0-0-2
Geeks 4 Life [G4L] 1-0-0
George Arvo Mark Toad [GAMT] 0-0-4
GOD [GOD] 1-0-0
God Team [G7] 0-0-1
Golden Haze [GH] 3-0-0
Gravity Team [GT] 1-0-0
Ham Karters [HK] 4-0-1
High Rollers [Hr] 10-1-2
Infinite [IF] 3-0-0
Insane [I$] 1-0-2
Insant Teams 3-0-1
int [int] 0-0-1
Jiro Jihad [JJ] 0-0-3
Kaisers [k`s] 2-0-0
Kerogens [Kn] 1-0-1
Kinelotic Gaming [KG] 0-0-1
Kind Young Men [KYM] 1-0-0
Lounge 8-0-0
Luck [Lu] 2-0-0
Mario Party [Mp] 0-0-1
moi [moi] 0-0-1
Moonblast [Mo] 1-0-3
Meme Lords [MeL] 1-0-2
Metro Wipeout [Mw] 0-0-1
MV [MV] 15-0-16
Multiverse [Mt] 2-0-1
ns¢ [ns¢] 1-0-0
Override [ovr] 1-0-0
Quebec [Qc] 1-0-1
Quintessence [Qnt] 0-0-2
Reanimation [Rn] 0-0-1
Redemption [RD] 6-0-0
Reflex [rx] 0-0-1
Regicide [Rc] 1-0-0
Relapse [RΣ] 0-0-1
Ressurection [RS] 2-0-2
R Dash [R-] 0-0-1
Rob's Friends [CA] 1-0-0
[Rn] 1-0-0
Savant [Sav] 0-0-1
SB [SB] 1-0-0
Star Clan [Sc] 2-0-5
Skillz That Killz [STK] 2-0-0
Swift [swt] 0-0-3
Team Armanda [TA] 1-0-0
Team Dot [.] 0-0-1
Tribulation Refuge 3-0-0
TRY [TRY] 1-0-1
Team Skiller [ts] 1-0-0
@ue [ue] 2-0-1
UK Legends [UKL] 0-0-1
Ultra Boost [uB] 1-0-0
unik [unik] 0-0-1
Untouchables [ut] 0-0-4
URL 1-0-0
Valience [vL] 1-0-1
Valkyrie [vk] 1-0-1
Victoria Bitters [VB] 4-0-1
Vincent Worshippers [VW] 1-0-1
War Machine [WM] 1-0-1
Wheelers [wh] 1-0-0
Wii Elite Clan [WEC] 1-0-0
Wii Kings [W-K] 0-0-1
Wild Phoenix [wpx] 1-0-0
Wollywogz [wZ] 0-0-1
Zagler Subclan [agler] 1-0-0
03 [03] 1-0-0
Prior WL Seasons
:flagGR: Den
:flagGR: Miles
:flagGR: Lileep
:flagCA: Frank
:flagCA: Koopa
:flagCA: Rain
:flagUS: Sean
:flagUS: Zach
:flagUK: Ben
:flagDE: Maxwell
:flagLU: Nix
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