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Referee/Judge Sky9


Active member
EL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Abyssal Ruins
λρ ~ λρocalypse
On EL the council currently and I feel that using my experience that I've gained with helping with EL as a whole and with the council I can help give out the appropriate penalties where they need to be given. If any scheduling problems happen I will try my best to help solve them. My activity on discord is 8/10 further helping if any scheduling or penalties need to be updated or given out. In addition to all of this I've been around for long enough to know the INS and outs of the whole council aspect of things. As well as I have some ideas that can further help MKPS. As well as making sure that everything goes by smoothly in the transfer from the old format to the new format. Thanks for reading if you have any questions contact me here.