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Staff Changes and More!


Triple OwO
WL Staff
EL Staff
Registry Staff
Media Staff
Jun 3, 2018
Hi there, this is quite an epic announcement in terms of the roles and stuff, so instead of the essay intro I'll get to it.

Moderator Changes
Following a process of both apps and recruitment from within our own private discussions, we've come to appoint the following moderators within the last few weeks, so please congratulate them and wish them luck!

Maidvelia/KD is now an admin
The title of this section sums it up. We as a staff team felt it was time to appoint someone to work alongside myself and Beto, we had an internal voting process, and I'm happy to announce that @~Maidvelia❤~ is now an administrator on the site!

He brings a lot of experience with him to the role, and I'm sure he'll fit in really well, let's see what the future holds.

Other things of note
- We'll be investing a small bit of our own money (not the site's money, the site doesn't make millions) in to a few more plugins over time. The key one we're aware of right now is our intention to bring back the ability to have multiple prefixes for a thread.
- We'll be revamping quite a lot of things hopefully with this fresh start to the staff team, so stick around to see what we can do.
- The staff team plan to meet within the next week ideally to discuss short and long term plans to give everyone the best content possible. We'll announce the results of that meeting as and when it happens, however feel free to give feedback.

Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!
We fully welcome all feedback and suggestions for the site and events on it. Please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff with your suggestions, post them in announcement threads, or the appropriate section at https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/suggestions-and-feedback.7/