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MKW Swa (aka Raeika/Sιεgε♪)(or Venus Fly Trap to Monarch)

Jun 25, 2018
Fishdom Island
Blue Thunder, Electric Veterans, Nostalgia
3256 3180 8919
4215 0709 9331
Hey guys! I am Swa or better known as Raeika. I am mostly known for being so bad at the game that I can't break 60 but for others, I am known as a nice, chill T1 player. I started off my MKWii career in 2012 just playing some worldwides with my friend Chessmaster5 when he used Funky/Flame Runner and I used Baby Luigi/Baby Booster. I ended up hitting somewhere around 9000vr and 7600br before WFC shutdown. Then, 3 years went by where life, school, sports and MK8U happened and I saw Bean's newest video on the easiest way to get Wiimmfi made in 2017. I had been watching PKSparkzDatHottness for a while at this point and wanted to start playing some MKWii again. I got the Wiimmfi patcher in December 2017 and in the span of 2 months, I got invited to my first clan, The Galaxy. There at first, it seemed a little fishy and I thought I was going to get bullied as I did in Lithium's clan Rei. But what I experienced was a whole different story. I met very close friends and didn't to say goodbye until my discord account got corrupted. I took a 5-month break and then started a new clan called Aurora with Flanders and Frankie. Flanders and I got along very well, very quickly because we both had two common interests, MKWii and swimming. I lost interest in the game very quickly and left the community for another 5 months. In December of 2018, I was invited to the illustrious Mogi Lounge by Ryoya and was also invited into Blue Thunder very few days after. There, I was called 01sapphire because Sapphire was taken. I then continue to play MKWii with no 5 month breaks this time and in April I got invited to a karting clan named 7κ (Lucky 7 Karters) and I have far improved my karting abilities since I have joined. Now, I am not in BT anymore due to some conflict (I was a dick lol) and I have made good friends with many people on a different team! I would like to thank these people who I always enjoy to be around! :GWovoyayy:

:flagUK: Josh
:flagDE: Kazuro
:flagUS: Kasper
:flagUS: Trace
:flagCA: Naho / July
:flagJP: Miya
:flagCL: Doseee
:flagMX: Chateaux
:flagCR: Ignacio
:flagUK: Connor
:flagUS: Chippy
:flagUS: Emil
:flagJP: Mary
:flagFR: Royal
:flagCA: Embrez
:flagCA: Smeeno / Smino
:flagUS: Flanders
:flagJP: Me3
:flagBR: Dann / Danhi
:flagAR: Shiroe
:flagJP: Deco
:flagJP: Minoru
:flagUK: Signal / Majestic
:flagUS: Will (7K)
:flagES: Ivan
:flagIT: Cross
:flagSG: Fudge
:flagRU: Toki
:flagUK: DwainiumB

Thank y'all for the love and support! :3 Wouldn't be here without all y'all.