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Technical questions about Wiimmfi and Brawl


New member
Jan 19, 2019
Howdy folks, new guy here. :cool:
Just a couple questions to anyone experienced in how Wiimmfi works in Brawl.
Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask but I couldn't find a site about Wiimmfi discussion in particular.

1) Is it possible to change/reserve regions for Brawl mods, just like Mario Kart Fun, CTGP, etc?
Popular Brawl mod packs like Project M will desync if the player connects to someone playing unmodified Brawl/different mod via "With anyone" open matchmaking.
I have some experience in modding and could try writing Gecko codes to overwrite the arguments sent to Wiimmfi (like LN_ID, HTTP_X_GAMECD, gsbrcd, svc, region which is 02 by default, country, etc)
but I don't know what exactly I should change so the Brawl mod I work on can only connect to other players using the same version of the mod.
I saw the region list and wonder if I should request a region to reserve and test.

2) Are there any known ways to reduce input buffer in Brawl on Wiimmfi?

I know Brawl on Wiimmfi can be rough to play because of Wiis are usually on wifi, which increases the ping/latency.
But even if both players are on ethernet cable and live close to each other, the buffer seems unreasonably high.
I've also tested connecting to someone in Dolphin emulator and the same thing happens, even tho netplay needs significantly lower buffer.
I know I'm comparing apples and oranges here, but I tried doubling emulation speed (to 120fps) and using a code to slow down character animations by half, and to my surprise, Wiimmfi buffer was reduced by half, which is something unheard of and even comparable to Netplay. My hypothesis is that doubling emulation speed made Dolphin miscalculate the ping, thinking it's half of what it actually is, thus using a lower buffer, so I'm wondering if I could overwrite the ping value via gecko code so Wiimmfi uses a lower buffer, to see if latency is improved on Wii since it obviously can't double rendering/internal speed.

Any ideas/knowledge is appreciated (y)