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Time Trial Trouble :(

Jul 9, 2019
So i've been having a problem with CTGP recently, and since I can't find a solution myself, I'll post it here:

- The problem
Whenever I load up time trials in CTGP and pick a track the game will get stuck on the " Reading ghost data" screen.
This happens regardless of character, vehicle, cc, or license used.

I have a 5.5.3 WiiU
Use a Nunchuck (probably not important)
Have a 32 gig sdhc card
Also, online and offline modes work normally, time trials are to my knowledge the only problem
Every thing else on my WiiU behaves normally
I haven't downloaded any other mods or anything (I did download a few ghosts to the My Stuff folder in CTGP)

I am willing to answer any questions or try any suggestions.
All help is appriciated!


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Jun 25, 2018
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Try to re download CTGP there can be a lot of factors like a corrupted ghost on your disk what I mean by this is if you have used any cheat codes that change the item you get in TT mode and the ghost data that might be the problem or you could have something in your mystuff folder that is causing the problem. If the ghost is the problem you should use a code to delete the ghost from your game using the codes found here. Or you can try deleting the ghost from your SD
Hope this help.
If you have any question contact me
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Jun 24, 2018
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(I did download a few ghosts to the My Stuff folder in CTGP)
I believe this is the problem. CTGP-R only loads ghosts from the "ghosts" folder. Open the ghosts folder and you should see a long list of folders. Find the one that contains the name of the track that your ghost is driven on and place in in that folder instead.

Also the 32gb HDSC card might have something to do with it if moving the ghosts doesn't work, I remember hearing that smalled SD cards work better.
Deep Toast

Deep Toast

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Jul 9, 2019
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Sorry for not responding guys. I have been having some other tech problems and I can't fix this one now. I will post it i end up fixing this. Thanks for the help as always .