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Unable to connect to Wiimmfi

Jun 25, 2018
βc / XF
hello, for the past three years ive been known for having net and lag issues regarding wiimmfi, but this week i havent been able to even join worldwides or frooms at all

i moved to my new house last week and we have really expensive "premium" internet, which is super speedy on my computer, phone, etc
my provider is comcast/xfinity

my speedtests are very good, usually hovers around 14-17 ping, 170+ download speed, and 6+ upload speed

though my internet is really fast, the best ive ever had, if i dont instantly dc i either dc during spectating or midway through races. while spectating and racing, everyone is so laggy that they aren't even near where they are supposed to be, sometimes they float around, and items come from nowhere, basically unplayable

-ive probably received every error code that starts with 5, 8, and 9
-i bought a new wii and experienced the same issues
-ive reset my router numerous times
-ive moved my wii everywhere between inches away and extremely far away from the router, ive also flipped my wii on all of its sides
-ive turned off every appliance that could potentially use internet
-ive tried a different tv, ive tried pretty much everything i can think of

anyone have any ideas of what else to try? as pathetic as it is and as embarrassing as it is, ive spent around 2000 dollars total and countless hours of my time trying to fix my net



Every day I'll fight to be Legendary
WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
U★, HD☆
Are you still using the XFinity gateway? Multiple people say it screws with Wiimmfi.

Go with your own router and bridge to the gateway.