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Underplayed Hub: Play Variety Formats!


Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
UHDR7T7 - Maidvelia Serial Number

Server Invite Link: https://discord.gg/3hfMEr6vuD

Underplayed Hub is part 1 of a 2-part project to breathe whatever life possible into formats that either have always/are currently underplayed (hence the name) or have largely disappeared but had a rich legacy throughout this game's past (the other part of this project, Legacy Hub).

Both servers are primarily targeted at the median player demographic (skill level of any competitive player but attitude of a casual player), so performance will never be the main focal point in events hosted here. If a majority want a very BASIC Match Making Rating (MMR--ranking system used in Mogi Lounge) implementation, they shall have it. This server is unlikely to have the demand for such an implementation. The other server (Legacy Hub) is a bit different though, in the sense that most of these formats had HIGH competitive player appeal back in their heyday, so a rankings implementation over there is not too far out of left field.

Currently, there are no rankings to play for. Awards/banners may be introduced later, but the current goal of the server is to provide a place to play formats you don't really see anymore. ALL tables will be documented and archived, so you can still track your performance that way if that's important to you.

Supported Formats

With that out of the way, here are the formats that are currently supported here:
  • 200cc: 200cc only.
    Can be a Mini Free-For-All (FFA), Knockout (KO), Match (1v1/2v2), War (3v3+--refer to Legacy Hub's welcome channel for information on each of these), or Mogi (term for multi-team event).

  • Battle: Battle Mode, any combination of balloon battle and coin runners is accepted.
    Can only be a War (following in-game teams is up to the people playing).
  • Countdown: Countdown Mode (CTGP-R ONLY!).
    Can be a Mini FFA, KO, Match, War, or Mogi.

  • Karts Only: Any kart, usually the top 3 (Mini-Beast/Concerto, Wild Wing, and Flame Flyer).
    Can be a Mini FFA, KO, Match, or War.

  • Underused Vehicles: The top 3 bikes (Bullet Bike, Mach Bike, and Flame Runner/Bowser Bike) and top 3 karts (Mini-Beasy/Concerto, Wild Wing, and Flame Flyer) are prohibited.
    Can be a Mini FFA, KO, Match, War, or Mogi.

  • Underused Characters: Funky Kong, Daisy, and Baby Daisy are prohibited.
    Can be a Mini FFA, KO, Match, War, or Mogi.

  • Funroom: Unique themes.
We offer both instantaneous and scheduled play for all of these (you must contact an @Organizer to play Mini FFAs and KOs!)

Volunteering to host an event is a first-come, first-serve basis and OPENHOST is required.
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