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[W2] APE 370 - 352 BT


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WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018

just gonna keep it short since this took a while:

rPG/APE's case will lead the WL Council to apply a -10 penalty to Bt.
While it obviously can't be denied that he did get hit by the bill, we consider the effect to be not devastating enough to safely penalise this with -20 as he got hit in last while the pack ahead of him was starting to break away and was spread out altogether, especially top 3.

rPB case will not be penalised by the WL Council as similar cases during the last Season haven't been penalised either aside from Samuel's case in D1 last Season where he got bumped into the offroad and his box on top was stolen, forcing him to wait before an item box set.

The results will be changed to:

APE 370 - 352 BT
Jun 24, 2018
Not being sarcastic, I saw this coming. Anyways, gj APE, you guys deserved to win the match and were the better team. Gl for the rest of your weeks!