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[W3] sσρ 369 - IF 363

Jun 24, 2018
3611 1232 8431


- Nota is awful
- Pascal is more awful
- Daseia is ok
- Torp is my father
- I was in 9th
- British has fallen into a state of deep depression 1 pray = 1 respect
- sop is tryhard team #1
- Congratulations Daragh
- Is this reality



Sky the ninth, by the Grace of God Queen of this Lightning bolt and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, the main man had to attend a birthday party, therefore being unable to go backwards versus the Mario Kart Wii competitive custom track team called Infinite. He called upon his very lonely sidekick to replace his electric duties.

He was looking forward to letting his second in command direct the shocks for the match and he gave him a lot of useful powers to use in the battle against the enemy.

Despite this, our Austrian-born violent dictator was not happy with this. He was very scared on what would come and started to get very anxious about the upcoming battle.

Despite the intense practice sessions with our Irish ally, we were down after the first leg of the battle. The champion emerged to give us a final confidence boost.

Just the thought of obtaining the holy grail of all golf clubs, Daragh's Pudder, gave me the will to go on fighting. Many shocks were obtained in 9th after this point and only god knows how Trashy hasn't committed seppuku yet



time to tt now
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