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Why is there not a Mario Kart 7 Sub Forum?

Jun 26, 2018
United Kingdom
Just like the old site it had it. many people used it (including myself).

My only theory is that the MK7 Forum was very inactive etc.


I need new ways to waste my time
Jun 3, 2018
During the development phase, we decided to go for more of a condensed look on the main page of the forum. This was done for both aesthetic reasoning, as well as user-convenience reasoning - to get the most relevant information to the majority of users quickly and easily.

The old forum, mkboards, featured a very lengthy main page, which included a "block" for all of the nodes (sections) of each of the 4 latest released games. Therefore, you had a block for MK8D, a block for MK8, a block for MKW, and a block for MK7, as well as many other blocks for other various areas of the forum. Upon quick observation, it was concluded that sections such as MK8 and MK7 simply were not utilized nearly as much as MK8D or MKW, and we felt they did not warrant needing their own explicit blocks on the main page any longer.

However, this does not mean that they have been removed entirely from this new forum. Sections for both MK8 and MK7 can be found here, within the Mario Kart Franchise subsection.