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Zexouzz's Streams!


New member
Aug 18, 2018
Nova Scotia
λρ / Fω / U

https://twitch.tv/zexouzz | https://twitter.com/Zexouzz | https://discord.gg/tzX43eC

Hey Everyone! My name is Zexouzz! (Pronounced Zex-ous) I'm a streamer of Mario Kart Wii! (of course!)
I stream everyday around 12:00PM EST! You can mainly find me streaming Worldwides and CT Worldwides, it's encouraged for you to join me!

Outside of my stream, you can also join my discord where I chill out and interact with people who enjoy my streams or even follow my Twitter where I post memes and all that good stuff.

Hope to see you around my stream soon, thanks for reading!