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New profile posts

New setup for my retro gaming systems: Component (or at least S-Video) + RetroTink through Elgato HD60
I'm completely jaded to this shit with how often it's happened in my 11 years; how repetitive, boring, and predictable it is. You just don't feel anything. You're not mad, just tired. It just doesn't change no matter how many months you take off from the community.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of it all.

Omissa Spe
Literally no point in me making constructive posts anymore.

you want some one liners, one worders, all lowercase, and maybe some tasteless memes that are meant to target someone or their beliefs?
apparently that gets you likes and is allowed, because fuck being impartial

I will now assimilate into the culture of Lounge NPC.
LR and MMR are love and life, now and forever.
I guess it's time to revive this dead account. I've been super busy for the past couple of weeks.